Thursday, February 25, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 174

Title: One of the wild suggestings referred to, as at last coming to be linked with the White Whale in the minds of the superstitiously inclined, was the unearthly conceit that Moby Dick was ubiquitous; that he had actually been encountered in opposite latitudes at one and the same instant of time.

7.75 inches by 11 inches
ink on found paper
February 25, 2010


  1. Like the addition of yet another format to the project - great stuff!

  2. Thanks Brandon. I've been thinking quite a bit about comics lately, and you can definitely see that influencing the illustrations.

  3. Ahh there is the Matt Kish art I know and love. Nice!

  4. Thanks Steve. It was good to be able to bring a different point of view to this piece.


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