Monday, May 3, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 234

Title: It was not very long after speaking the Goney that another homeward-bound whaleman, the Town-Ho, was encountered. She was manned almost wholly by Polynesians.

11 inches by 7.75 inches
acrylic paint, ink and marker on found paper
May 3, 2010


  1. these are all FANTASTIC, Matt!

    I put a link up
    at the fictionalwoods
    literary forum
    where a bunch of Voracious Readers
    who love Melville
    hang out

  2. Pretty amazing. Why "found paper"?

  3. since subscribing to your blog, every time i go to feed my own ( i am enchanted with your work.
    plus i admire your steadfastness.
    (i have in mind to (re)discover the whole of moby dick solely through your blog entries some day)

  4. Suzanne, thank you, I (probably obviously) really enjoy drawing whales and ships, in that order. I know these look nothing at all like the ships that really sailed the seas hunting for whales, but honestly these are what I see in my head when I read "Moby-Dick."

    Thank you very much for sharing the link as well. It makes me very happy to share this project with people, and hopefully I am able to show them something they might not have ever seen or thought of before.

  5. Hello Reed. There is a long answer somewhere on this blog (I think if you click the "questions people ask me" tag on the right it made be there) but a more succinct explanation is that when I was in grad school I worked in a used book store where we would discard lots of interesting but unsellable books. I stockpiled a bunch of these, especially drawn to maps and diagrams, thinking I would use them for something creative some day. When I started this Moby-Dick project, I thought of how deeply complex the novel is and how there are multiple layers of meaning. I wanted to echo that with the art so I chose to start re-using a lot of that paper, fascinated by the way that bits of text and image would show through the layers of paint and ink.

  6. voiceonvoice, it means so much to know that somehow this work of mine is able to inspire and sustain other creative individuals all over the world. That is the greatest reward I could ever ask for.

  7. Thanks for the explanation, Matt. You're right. It certainly adds a whole other dimension to the work.

  8. You are very welcome, Reed. The comments people leave on this blog are a source of great interest and inspiration for me, and it is really a pleasure to be able to share some of my own thoughts and processes in my replies.


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