Sunday, May 30, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 262

Title: It is a quiet noon-scene among the isles of the Pacific; a French whaler anchored, inshore, in a calm, and lazily taking water on board...

8 inches by 6 inches
watercolor on watercolor paper
May 30, 2010


  1. Wow! This is so unlike the rest of your work. I like it though.

    Question: Have you been signing all the pieces? This is the first one that I have noticed.

  2. Hey Sean, I'll explain some of that in this comment which I was going to append to the post but it formatted all weird so I just emailed it to myself to add in later...

    A few things about this piece. First, for some reason, this line of text immediately seared itself into my mind and despite several other noteworthy and intriguing passages that I could have chosen to illustrate, I just could not shake this one. Immediately after reading the line, the image of one of those cheap, silly watercolors that we probably all made in 7th grade leapt into my head. And again, I simply could not shake that image. Rather than fight it, I decided this was my intuition guiding me so I went to Target and bought a $.97 cent watercolor kit and got started. It turned out perfectly. Really.

    Also, the scan has some unfortunate gray patches. That's because the watercolor paper, in spite of being pressed under several heavy books all day, is still just wavy enough to create imperfections in the scan. I think in a few days I'll try and rescan it, hopefully for a cleaner image. But it looks pretty good in person. Like an old James Michener paperback cover or a cheap 1950s postcard.

    Okay, it's me, back again. This is the first piece in this series that I have signed, and maybe the first piece of art I have signed on the front in 10 or 15 years. It's just something I never do (long and complicated reasons, maybe I'll write a post on it later) but it just seemed to fit perfectly with this watercolor so I included it almost as a humorous afterthought. I think it works pretty well though.

  3. Aesthetically you signing it does work very well. Also it adds even more legitimacy to your work.


    Look at this plushie Matt. Look at it and WANT. You know who it is.

  4. Hey Kyle, wonderful to hear from you as always.

    And many many thanks for that plushie. Master Belch, right? Oh, to be able to enjoy Earthbound plushies here in the U.S.


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