Saturday, September 4, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 365

Title: So in dreams, have I seen majestic Satan thrusting forth his tormented colossal claw from the flame Baltic of Hell.

6 inches by 9 inches
ink and marker on found paper
September 3, 2010


  1. Hey Matt--I've been meaning to tell you of a bizarre coincidence/synchronicity:

    I'm in the middle of Moby Dick, and have been thinking about various forms of adaptation. I searched around the intertubes, came across your site, and amazingly, the quote for the day is on the exact page I'm on! I'm reading the Penguin version--my page 390 is your 345. Pretty weird.

    I'm also totally digging your pictures. The found imagery is a great touch, the stylistic variation is great too, and both are totally fitting such a digressive piece of writing. In short: you're making some beautiful stuff!

  2. Fabulous combination of paper and image!

  3. Quasiblotto, thank you for sharing that remarkable bit of synchronicity. Some of my friends have remarked, very kindly, that they feel my illustrations have added a unique dimension to the novel and that they look forward to re-reading the novel with my illustrations as an accompaniment. That's a pretty staggering compliment. But your comment sort of brought that to mind since it is so odd and improbable that our journeys through the text have intersected in such a precise way like this. Very odd indeed.

    I imagine you will probably finish your reading long before I finish this project (some time next February or March) but I do hope you'll continue to visit and look at each illustration as they unfold.

  4. Titus, thank you, our library had an enormous pile of odd and old discards...religious books, the history of Ohio, water planning guides and so on...and this was from one of them. I was quite excited to find them and they yielded great images right away.


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