Friday, September 17, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 378

Title: The waif is a pennoned pole, two or three of which are carried by every boat; and which, when additional game is at hand, are inserted upright into the floating body of a dead whale, both to mark its place on the sea, and also as token of prior possession, should the boats of any other ship draw near.

7.25 inches by 10.75 inches
acrylic paint, ink and pencil on found paper
September 16, 2010

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  1. Look closely at this one. Again, I am struck by how phallic this turned out. It was, at least on a conscious level, unintentional. But the fact that I am not explicitly aware of this while I am making these images is surprising, a bit shocking, and ultimately hilarious to me. I think some of the themes and the ultra-masculinity (as well as the frequently and hotly contested homo-erotic elements) are really having an impact on me.


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