Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 368

Title: For a long time, now, the circus-running sun has raced within his fiery ring, and needs no sustenance but what's in himself. So Ahab. Mark this, too, in the whaler.

9 inches by 12 inches
acrylic paint, ink and marker on found paper
September 5, 2010


  1. I'm still pondering your Ahabs.

    Meanwhile, all the pics of the first launch are here:

    So many thanks to you!

  2. That came together so remarkably quickly! I think since I am at least 6 months away from even finishing this illustration project, let alone moving on to publishing my own book and trying to find galleries willing to show the work, I tend to feel as if time is moving at a glacial pace for me. I will write up a nice post featuring this later today, to share the good news. Many thanks!

  3. I know one gallery that will quite happily show it, but the problem is it's in Thornhill, Scotland...!
    Maybe a global tour.

  4. Glaciers make gouges that last a very long time.

  5. A global tour would be wonderful, and think the opportunity to show and share my art in a country other than the U.S. would be a deep honor. Although you have already made that happen by including my illustrations in your wonderful new book, so the first step has already been taken! Many thanks for that.

    As for that glacier comment, those are kind words indeed. There is much for me to mull over there. It helps a bit with the perspective.


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