Monday, December 6, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 465

Title: His firm lips met like the lips of a vice; the Delta of his forehead's veins swelled like overladen brooks; in his very sleep, his ringing cry ran through the vaulted hull, Stern all! the White Whale spouts thick blood!

7.25 inches by 10.25 inches
acrylic paint and ink on found paper
November 27, 2010


  1. That's an awesome extract, but I think you did it!
    Leaving 'Power from the Sea', and placement, a real depth. Image really muscular too - I love the brush strokes.

  2. I wanted, for this piece, to create something as iconic as possible. While I can look at it and see dozens of little things I'd like to improve, overall I am satisified.

    The "Power from the Sea" was something I did not initially notice when selecting this piece of found paper, but after I began painting it jumped out at me and seemed almost eerily appropriate.

  3. Awesome, you know how much that means to me coming from you, Thomas. I was actually thinking of your art a bit as I was mixing up the paints for this one, especially the earth-tones near the bottom. Many thanks!

  4. this is my favourite so far. I just love it. Maria Giovanna Campobasso

  5. Thank you Maria. This piece in particular was one of those where the synthesis of text, image and the found paper I used was simply and unintentionally perfect.


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