Sunday, December 19, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 484

Title: "Look aloft!" cried Starbuck. "The St. Elmo's Lights (corpus sancti) corpusants! the corpusants!"

All the yard-arms were tipped with a pallid fire; and touched at each tri-pointed lightning-rod-end with three tapering white flames, each of the three tall masts was silently burning in that sulphurous air, like three gigantic wax tapers before an altar.

7.5 inches by 11 inches
acrylic paint and ballpoint pen on found paper
December 8, 2010


  1. You weren't kidding when you said you were doing some of your finest work. I can't wait to see the detail on this piece. I'm always amazed what you and others can do with a simple ballpoint pen. The paint is what makes this piece though.

  2. Thanks very much Sean. I rarely let myself think this, but this time, with this piece, I am really very proud of what I did. The overwhelming majority of my art shows things from either the side only or the front only. Almost never do I depict something from a quarter angle like the Pequod here, showing depth and form. That's just something that's very hard for me, with my limited drawing skills, to do. Foreshortening is something I never even came close to mastering. But this, just about everything clicked perfectly. I love it.

  3. Thank you both, Buck and Titus. As I wrote above, this is one of my favorites, and a piece I have no hesitation admitting I am proud of.

    This is also one of the very very few pieces I have ever created - for any project - where, when I look at it, I can also hear it. When I stare at this piece, I can hear the roar of the wind, the crashing of the waves, and most importantly the shrieking of the lightning playing about the masts. That almost never happens to me, but this one is really a total sensory experience.


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