Friday, December 31, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 500

Title: "Oh, ye frozen heavens! look down here. Ye did beget this luckless child, and have abandoned him, ye creative libertines. Here, boy; Ahab's cabin shall be Pip's home henceforth, while Ahab lives. Thou touchest my inmost centre, boy; thou art tied to me by cords woven of my heart-strings. Come, let's down."

8 inches by 11.75 inches
ink on watercolor paper
December 19, 2010


  1. Great illustration. Congrats on reaching 500!

  2. Thanks Sean. Honestly, it's a little stunning and surreal to be this close to the end right now. I don't even know what to think, really.

    I am very very pleased with this piece though. It turned out really well. I've been thinking so much lately about my comics, Spudd 64, and black and white and that really shows in this. I almost feel this could be a page in one of my comics. My wife got me a lovely handful of pens for Christmas and gave them to me early, so there are a lot of pen and ink on watercolor paper or Bristol board pieces coming up. Maybe some kind of mental transition out of this project for me? I don't know yet.

  3. Ahab and the Whale almost seem like buddies in this one. Their relationship is longstanding and established. Almost like an unhappily married couple that never gets a divorce because they can't imagine anything different.

    And now they're inviting someone else into their folly. Hmm. Rather like an unhappily married couple who has a kid because they think it might give new meaning to their marriage.

  4. Winston, amusingly enough, my wife remarked in a similar way about what looks like a strange sort of partnership between Ahab and Moby Dick. I am not at all sure that was something I realized I was doing, but I definitely wanted to show Ahab welcoming the now mind-wrecked Pip into his inner thoughts, and since these are dominated by the binary of captain and whale the "partnership" is very real, even if rather dreadful. I always enjoy comments like yours where other people point out ideas and themes in my art that I was not even overtly or consciously aware of initially.


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