Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MOBY-DICK, Page 505

Title: "Then tell me; art thou not an arrant, all-grasping, inter-meddling, monopolizing, heathenish old scamp, to be one day making legs, and the next day coffins to clap them in, and yet again life-buoys out of those same coffins? Thou art as unprincipled as the gods, and as much of a jack-of-all-trades."

8.25 inches by 11 inches
acrylic paint and collage on found paper
December 23, 2010


  1. FANTASTIC. My favorite in recent memory.

  2. Now I want to commission you to do a Doc Ock-Spidey illustration for me. You are a Marvel Zombie at heart.

  3. Ah, thank you very much Mordicai. It is not often that I get to stretch out a bit and do something with just a sliver of levity like this, so I jumped at the chance while I could.

  4. Sean, you are very perceptive indeed. When I read that line of text and decided to illustrate, the good Doc was the first thing that leapt into my mind and try as I might, I just could not shake. I finally just said "Screw it" and painted what I saw, but the Marvel Zombie part is so very true. This piece shall forever be known as the "Homage to Craig Bogart" portion of this illustration series, so make sure you tell him at the next PANEL meeting.


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