Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MOBY-DICK, Page 512

Title: Ahab, - all other whaling waters swept - seemed to have chased his foe into an ocean-fold, to slay him the more securely there...

6.75 inches by 10 inches
ink on watercolor paper
December 27, 2010


  1. Wonderfully threatening, both the whale and the ocean. Ocean-fold is such a great turn of phrase.

  2. I thought you hit your stride earlier.
    But wow.

  3. Thanks Sean, I was a little worried that this one might have come out a bit more on the silly side and not the threatening side. I wanted threatening.

    This piece is actually an homage to this absolutely wonderful David Johnston cover illustration for the Ballantine Adult Fantasy paperback edition of Ludovico Ariosto's book "Orlando Furioso." You can see the original at this link. Those old Ballantine covers are some of the best EVER.

  4. Buck, that is very very kind indeed. While I can look at every single illustration I've done so far and see something I would like to change or improve, I do think that making art this regularly and diligently really has improved my skills a great deal. I am happy (and relieved!) that these pieces at the end are truly some of the best in this entire project.

  5. Oh, that's mighty too. Great ocean and the whale definitely works.

  6. Titus, one of the things I have enjoyed the most about this project has been constantly drawing whales and Moby Dick any way I pleased. Never feeling tied to a specific look or style or image. Sometimes I feel like drawing a whale that looks almost realistic, sometimes I feel like drawing a monstrous whale. It's my project and I can do what I like, and that has been absolutely thrilling.


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