Thursday, January 20, 2011

MOBY-DICK, Page 533

Title: "Aye, aye!" cried Stubb. "I knew it - ye can't escape - blow on and split your spout, O whale! the mad fiend himself is after ye! blow your trump - blister your lungs! - Ahab will dam off your blood, as a miller shuts his water-gate upon the stream!"

10 inches by 6.25 inches
acrylic paint on found paper
January 10, 2011


  1. Thanks for your amazing work on this project! As it nears the end, I want to look away: because of the horror of the ending, and in denial of the sad prospect of imminently lacking another drawing for another page...

  2. It feels really weird to be thanked, Monkey Daddy, but it does mean a lot to me and I appreciate it very much. This has been everything from a labor of love to an obsession for me, so I feel like I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to every person who has visited the blog, commented on the art, or sent me emails. This project went from being a very private thing to something I was sharing with lots of wonderful strangers very quickly, and that was strange but good.

    For me, the end will be very bittersweet. My entire life for the past year and a half has been shaped by the project. It has determined what I do with my free time and where my thoughts will wander. I think I will feel a strange hybrid of elation and sadness when I set the pens and brushes down after finishing the last illustration. Fortunately, the book will be out in October or November, there may be a gallery show, and I can finally sell all the art so it will just occcupy my life in a different way.


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