Monday, January 24, 2011

MOBY-DICK, Page 541 (first, unused version)

(This was my first attempt at the image. Obviously thinking about the ouroboros as well as E.R. Eddison's amazing fantasy novel The Worm Ouroboros. I felt that this attempt was just a bit too static and perhaps even a little lifeless. I'm not absolutely thrilled with my second attempt, in the post above this, but I do feel it has a bit more life and a bit more horror in it so I am going with that one.)

Title: "Aye, he's chasing me now; not I, him - that's bad..."

7 inches by 7 inches
ink and marker on Bristol board
January 17, 2011


  1. hello matt
    i feel compelled now to check your entries daily, bugging you extra by way of cheering you along... as for those two, i personally love the more graphic unused version here. i don't mean i like it more, because when i look at the latter, i can see what you looked for and got and what you got away from. (are you doing two pages a day or are you or are we in a time warp i wonder...)
    forward on!

  2. In terms of the drawing, I generally tend to like this kind of style more. But I felt it didn't fit what I wanted to say with the piece. I wanted more emptiness, more futility, and less ornamentalism. As I look at them both now, several days removed, I like each of them more and more. But I still feel the second one is a bit more in line with the book than the first.

    And you are right, there will be two a day until the end now. The awful climax is approacing, faster and faster and faster.


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