Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MOBY-DICK, Page 476

Title: It was far down the afternoon; and when all the spearings of the crimson fight were done: and floating in the lovely sunset sea and sky, sun and whale both stilly died together...

10.25 inches by 7.25 inches
ink and marker on found paper
December 4, 2010


  1. Lovely! I liked how, at first glance, I thought this was looking into the mouth of a whale.

  2. Winston, I genuinely love it when someone else sees something in an illustration I've made that I had not seen myself. This was a brilliant comment, and it really made my morning. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful. I too saw a second image: the setting sun, and a cross section of whale muscle and blubber.

  4. Jeffrey, that, to me, is even more unexpected but given the nature of the text, I think it is very apt. I'm quite pleased with this image because I generally have an almost impossible time relinquishing any sort of control over my drawings. What I mean is, I can become so fixated on what I want the image to be that I will work and work and render and over-render and close every line and delineate every shape until I have just about crushed the life out of a piece with the weight of the lines. I'm monstrously thrilled that this piece can breathe a bit.


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